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Brazilian Tenders and RFPs 

De Paula Publishing has, since the 90's, been involved in the translations of several Brazilian tenders, for a large variety of clients.

Normally, this is a 2-step process. Clients retain our company to translate the Tender regulations from Portuguese to English, and then to translate the submission and proposal documents into Portuguese.

Tenders and RFPs are conducted by a large number of federal, state and municipal agencies, as well as private enterprises. Among others we have experience translating documentation in the following areas:

  • Oil Prospection Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Aircraft
  • Vehicles
  • Computer equipment
  • Hospital and medical equipment
  • Highway maintenance
  • Banking equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Software solutions
  • Military equipment
  • Transportation equipment
  • Safety and security equipment
  • Services

The submission documents normally involve:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Company registration
  • Certificates of good tax standing
  • Affidavits
  • Powers of attorney
  • Technical proposal
  • Price proposal
  • Financial statements
  • Audtors report
  • Others

Given the tight deadlines, many Invitation to Bid projects are rush. We are equipped to handle as much as 10,000 words per day on emergency basis. When submitting the documents in Portuguese, we ask, where possible, that client provide Word for Windows files, which expedites the project. To avoid rush charges, we ask that clients provide as much as a week for delivery.

Full confidentiality is assured, for all work is done in house, so there is no danger of leaks. Most translation companies subcontract - we do not. We will be glad to sign and all all confidentiality agreements.

To obtain further pricing and delivery information, contact us at
  phone (877) 626-0642.