The site was closed on January 9, 2024.

The site operated from late 1995 to 2024. It was originally intended as a novel way of promoting Brazil's exports on the newly initiated commercial internet. De Paula Publishing had been publishing the paper directory Brazilian Product Guide since 1990, and the site was meant as an extension of the directory, which by then had been sold in over 50 countries in all continents.

Eventually, the site business model became outmoded, as search engines took over and getting financial support for operation of the site from exporter's financial investment became difficult.

A blog on several different subjects became very popular in the mid 2000`s, which was supported by Google ads. Eventually, as advertising paid less and less, the desirability of keeping the site live decreased, even though the blog remained popular. Because of the threat caused by AI, thousands of blog entries were removed, to protect the author's intellectual property.  

Lately, as the blog software became outdated, it would crash often, so a decision was made to shut off the site, there being no business reason to keep it running. 

The thank the millions of visitors that came across our site in the course of these 29 years, as well as the Brazilian companies that supported our endeavors in the 90s, and google, which was a good financial partner until the early 2010s. 

Some of the blog entries can be seen at

All the best

Carlos de Paula