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PLEASE note that our Business translations are all done inhouse, and there is no danger of your confidential information leaking to any undesired party. 99.9% of translations done by other companies are outsourced, and you never know who is handling it.

  • Regular Translations

You company can enjoy low cost, high quality translation uncertified service to and from Portuguese without paying middleman's surcharges. De Paula Publishing can handle a vast range of subjects, with great emphasis on financial translations, technical translations and corporate communications. Whether you have a contract, a Power Point presentation, a website, or a simple press release, we can handle it for you.

We have a simplified fee structure, on a per word basis.
Non-Rush: US$0.10 per word
Rush:US$ 0.20 per word (same day when possible)

The minimum job fee is US$50.00 Non rush, US$100.00 (Rush, same day-when possible)

The above applies to both translations to and from Portuguese.

  • Certified Translations (Notarized)

Literally tens of thousands of certified translations prepared by De Paula Publishing have been succesfully filed in Courts, universities, schools, insurance companies, financial institutions, medical institutions, U.S. Immigration, FDA, SEC, Banking Departments and other types of agencies. Accuracy and speed are our priorities. We do not certify translations done in Brazil or by third parties.

The price table can be found here


Minutes of shareholder meetings


Articles of Incorporation

Insurance claims

Human resource files

Corporate communications

Internal documents


Superior Court Rulings

Investigation documents

Powers of attorney

Documents for executive visas

Technical reports

Financial statements

Auditors reports


Real estate deeds

Corporate registration

And more...birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, separation certificate, pre-nuptial agreement, divorce certificate, adoption decrees, transcripts (middle, elementary, high school and college), diplomas (middle, elementary, high school and college), course outlines, course certificates, seminar certificates, rogatory letter, baptism certificates, petitions, decrees, powers of attorney, sentences, good conduct certificates, articles of incorporation, by-laws, company registrations, vaccination certificates, bank statements, banking references, labor registration booklets, identification cards, tax id cards (CPMF, CGC), tax returns, driver licenses, military documents, patents, police reports, financial statements, affidavits of support, payroll documents, work references, letters of reference, voter registration, personal letters, auditors report, real estate deeds, real estate registration, medical certificates, medical bills, medical exams, medical reports, resumes, acquisition agreement, agreement and plan of merger, agreement and plan of merger and reorganization, minutes of shareholders meetings, business plans, agreement for the provision of services, agreement for the sale and purchase of all the issued and outstanding shares, agreement for the sale and purchase of transfer of shares, amended and restated agreement of exempted limited partnership, articles of association, asset and share purchase agreement, asset purchase agreement, combination agreement and agreement and plan of merger, contribution agreement, definitive agreement, distributorship and licensing agreement, international sales representation agreement, loan and security agreement, memorandum of association & articles of association, merger protocol, non-compete agreement, purchase agreement, purchase and sale agreement, sale and purchase agreement, services agreement, share and asset purchase agreement, share purchase agreement, shareholders agreement, estate documents, living wills and testaments, partitions, stock and asset purchase agreement, stock purchase agreement, support agreement, newspaper, magazine and internet articles for submission of visas, invoices, budgets, airwaybills, proposals, promissory notes, licenses, emails, assorted documents for litigation.

  • Brand evaluation

If you are thinking of entering the Brazilian market, but are not sure whether your product's name has a negative connotation, it pays to have us analyze the product name and prepare a linguistic and cultural evaluation. Fee US$100.00 per brand.

  • Editing

Some companies prefer to have translations done in house, by their own personnel, and proofread and edited. However, we strongly discourage clients from using translation software or online translation resources, which result in costly editing. The editing cost is US$0.04 per word, minimum US$50.00 fee. We can also edit for style

  • Powers of attorney

De Paula Publishing can prepare drafts of power of attorneys according to the systems and structure used in Brazil. This can greatly reduce rejection of American prepared and structured documents. Fee US$100.00

  • Advertising Translation Copy (A great value!)


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