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We are quite aware that a lot of companies prefer to translate their sales literature and other types of text on their own, using translation software or other means. We understand that this is a cost cutting measure, at a time when most companies are seeking ways to decrease expenditures, although the use of translation software (especially free translation software available on the internet) is not advisable for professional purposes.

De Paula Publishing will revise your translations
 at the cost of US$0.05 per word, minimum charge of US$50.00.

Texts for review MUST be submitted in Word form. No pdf files, or files in other configuration will be accepted for editing.

The editing will consist of

* proofreading according to the latest spelling rules
* checking of technical terminology
* verification of syntax, style and cultural suitability.

We do not accept translations 
of documents prepared by clients (certified translations).

For further information on editing

De Paula Publishing

900 Bay Drive, ste 125

Miami Beach FL 33141

(877) 626-0642